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social media workshop

Your Digital Business Workshop Series - Regina

In partnership with Packetwire, I am putting on a workshop series this month for small businesses. There will be two workshops, and you can choose to attend one or the other or both (there’s a discount for attending both!).  How to Keep Retail Customers Coming Back Wednesday, September 10th, 11am-2pm, Led by Richard Finnie If […]

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Why video marketing is rising on social media (and how to get in on it!)

Do you use videos on social media? Maybe it’s time that you started. The stats for videos on social are really quite astonishing. In the past year, Instagram has added a video feature, Twitter’s 6-second video sharing app Vine has grown massively popular, and Facebook added auto-play videos in the newsfeed and introduced video advertising. […]

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Don't get caught up in vanity metrics on social media

Don't get caught up in vanity metrics on social media

On my blog I often talk about a “successful social media presence” and “achieving your business goals through social”. But what does this really mean? I see a lot of business owners get on social and lose themselves in the everyday tasks of running their social media. They post an update. It gets some likes. […]

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